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Bacinol 2

Hooikade 13, 2627 AB Delft

Creative breeding ground on the shores of De Schie

After the demolition of the Bacinol building on the Wateringsevest, the successful concept was continued in Bacinol 2. Bacinol 2, situated at the Hooikade, is the former social service building. The old building is completely revived. At this moment several creative entrepreneurs are settled at this historic building next to Delft Central Station.

The striking building at the shores of the river De Schie, was designed by Mr. Leuveling de Bie. Originally Bacinol 2 was designed as the headquarter for Braat, manufacturer of steel frames and radiators. With its clear signature the building is a model of 1930s architecture. During the renovation they attempted to restore as many elements as possible to the original state.

A fantastic place to settle as a creative entrepreneur!

There are no units available in Bacinol 2.